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plan ticket, not only ticket tasks

balucha 9 years ago updated by Philip Adam 2 weeks ago 8
We no need split all tickets to tasks and this tickets(tickets without task) we can`t plan.


Could you explain a little more your use cases ?



It`s simple. We have many simple tickets that we no need to divide to tasks.

Example. We have ticket "jammed paper in printer" and we no need to do something with this ticket. Only assign and plan this ticket.

Now we can`t do this. We have three choices

1.create task and plan this task

2.use external program for planing tickets without tasks

3.not using planning.

Any choice isn`t good.

I often plan tasks in tickets for other technicians but they cannot edit my tasks to mark as done from To do.

I don't want technicians to edit other uses tasks either.

Planning for tickets would get around this issue.


Personally I don't think tasks can be avoided.

A ticket is created by a requester. A technician performs task/tasks and creates is a solution (an overview of tasks completed).

The easiest way to implicate this feature would be to make a tick box option in the planned task named "Use task as solution".

Once the task is set as done, the task description becomes the solution as well.


I don`t want avoid tasks. Tasks is good feature, but in some cases, task is unnecessary(unnecessary bureaucracy). We want to choose - plan task or plan ticket.

Your proposal is not good because not all use tasks and solutions. And our problem is not solutions an closing tickets, our problem is only how to simple plan tickets(plan work for technicians).

We have many tickets where we no need to use tasks. We need simple way to work with that tickets. Our service team need that to work effectively.

Maybe planning the "ticket" could automatically create the task. And thus permit to solve the ticket without having to create a task that says "solve ticket".

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