Allow all recipient type to be selcted whatever the notification trigger

Grégory 5 years ago 0

If we want to set the requesting client on the ticket notification, everything is fine,

and we can also choose: Administrator, Supervisor, etc.

But when we want to do the same thing for contract notifications, we can't.

There is only the profile: * and the group: * the group supervisor: * etc.

Because the choice is relative to the context of the element: Ticket, Contract, Problem etc.

Not good at least for me.

When a notification for a contract is sent, all users of the entity receive it, simply because we can only choose Profile: Applicant.

As a contract is tied to a machine (a printer in our case), we simply want the user of this printer to be notified, not all other users of the entity.

I created another profile for those who manage the entity and if I have to send contract notifications to them, I put it in the contract notice.

To make things simpler:

I think we need all the features of the recipients regardless of the notifications.

We have a lot of feedback from customers who do not understand why they receive a notification that does not concern them.