Close tasks only with a new comment

Hallan Aquino il y a 5 ans 0

Allow me to suggest improvements?

It is about the tasks that are included in the tickets, problems and more.

Currently when we add a task with the To Do status and we need to close it later, just click the checkbox to complete the item. This action does not record any record of the date, time, and who did it. Nor in the history of the ticket.

We are directing analysts to add a comment, even though it may occur that the analyst clicks the button by mistake or just to be able to terminate the call (we use the plugins behaviors to block the call solution if there are pending tasks).

My suggestion would be to allow the task to close so only if the analyst includes a description.

The comment would be added in the timeline of actions with reference to the task and would record the name, date and hour that conslusion.