Add the posibility to put Maps and the option "Ubication" with coordenates and metadata

Juan Fernando Villa Hernández 9 years ago updated by glpi 6 years ago 6
Please enable the posibility to puts maps in the "ubication" option with coordenates and metadata.

A "Location" already has latitude/longitude coordinates.

But I am also looking for a way to precisely locate locations on a self-created map. It would be useful for finding printers in a large open-space or indicating (to a newcomer) where a specific room is: theses examples won't work with "latitude/longitude coordinates", but "pixels coordinates" on a uploaded JPEG/PNG/SVG image would.

In a context of IOT some devices it's far of the Central TI Deparment, so its very important know the location for maintenace, search, find and fix or replace.

Google maps, Open Street maps or something like map jams integration will be nice...


We have some projects to add this in short term


OpenStreetMap integration is being done here : https://github.com/glpi-project/glpi/pull/3336

This should be ok for GLPI 9.3