Add image support for knowledgebase item

Xavier CAILLAUD 7 years ago updated by glpi 6 years ago 9

Add image support to insert into knowledgebase item (screeshots)


+1 this would be useful.

It could be implemented via a new rich text editor for the Knowledge Base system.

Under review

I would like also a renewal of integrated kb system.

Abandonning html, support markdown, and copy/paste of image (with this kind of editor : http://sofish.github.io/pen/)

This suggestion is a candidate for next version (0.92 ?)

Like to see this feature to. The new TinyMCE editor looks nice and the only thing missing is a quick access to the attached pictures from the article (and the possibility to attach files from the article).

I saw this this feature/externsion in the picture dialog in TinyMCE on modx.


Yes, but what would be nice is to harmonize editors among GLPi: Ticket, Problem, Change, Knowledge base, and so on. For Ticket and KB, we may use HTML, but not for Problem, and not for Change


A ticket has been opened to review KB management : https://github.com/glpi-project/glpi/issues/912

Also related to this issue : https://github.com/glpi-project/glpi/issues/922

As mentionned in this issue, some work is currently been done to adress this feature : https://github.com/stonebuzz/glpi/tree/9.1/uploadAndRichText


Code merged