mailgate should be able to add followups to Changes and to Problems, and not only to Tickets

Tomolimo 4 года назад обновлен Antonio Alcaraz 4 года назад 1


Currently if mailgate receives an email as an answer from a Change notification, it will create a new ticket, instead of add a new followup to the initiating change. Or it may also add a followup to a ticket which # (id) matches with the [GLPI #xxxxxxx] found in the email subject...

Same issue for Problems.

Thank you,



Dear Tomilimo and GLPI Team:

I think so. Since Changes and Problems send followup notifications, the users and customers think it do the same like Tickets and response to email.

So, if followup is now ITILfollowup (for all process in GLPI), then mailgates should do it with all processes.

Thank yo,


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