Release Tabs

ylagva 9 years ago updated by CDuv 9 years ago 3

Need : List of changes by release

- Create a tab release

- Create release (creation date / release date / status )

- Possibility to add changes on the release

- Have a view with release / changes / tickets linked to each change

- Group changes into a release.

- Export list of tickets by change to pdf or xls

This new feature would be consistent to ITIL V3 integration.

I don't understand how a "release" is part of an inventory asset?

Are you referring to a plugin?

It is not part of inventory asset, it is a part of changes process from ITIL.

GLPI provides changes tool and my requests come from ITIL processes.

These request would improve the changes to be more close to ITIL processes.

IT would be a plugin as well.

My bad, I didn't noticed that part of GLPI.