Add parenthesis to request

ylagva 9 years ago updated by Tomás Abad 6 years ago 6

It could be very useful to add parenthesis to request module allowing to create advanced request.

Example : requester is user and requester is not (x or y or z)
ticket by technician group is not ( x or y or z) and (requester is t and ticket type is p)

I'm +1 on this one but I'm also aware of the big changes involved to offer such search system (available for every "search" form of GLPI).

Maybe an "advanced" single input field with some search oriented Domain specific language (DSL) but this would not be user-friendly.

I think it would be firstly for tickets search.

We are often using a lot of fields in queries, so this is a must for us.

So that I'm going to search for a solution.

It may look like this, using brackets:

In this case the real SQL query will be something like this:

(`glpi_itilcategories`.`id` IN ('100351','100352','100516')) AND ( (`glpi_users`.`id` = '937') OR (`glpi_users`.`id` = '278') )

It would be perfect !!!