Improvement the Plugin option

Juan Fernando Villa Hernández 9 years ago updated by Curtis Conard 3 years ago 3

Collect all the plugins official and unofficial of the GLPI and Show into the Plugin option avoiding search, research, upload by ftp/scp, change the permissions, put in the right folder, install and enable the "plugins", test and pray.... it's just better see what plugins exist and is more easy just Select, install and Enable plugins proved and aproved by the community. Even put in another option the integrations with another apps like Fusion Inventory, OcsInventory NG, Process Maker, Shinken, Zabbix, Nagios, Puppet etc... What do you think Comrades?

Are you suggesting to add a feature that would make GLPI list all existing (see note below) GLPI plugins on "Setup > Plugins" page (or a sub-page of this GLPI area) and allow to fetch their installer directly from this page (+ installation and activation as currently) without leaving the browser?

This is a good idea.

« all existing » = any plugins listed on multiple configurable directory/sources (initial one being: http://plugins.glpi-project.org/).

Yes. Something like wordpress plugins install

This is possible since GLPI 9.5 using the new Marketplace feature.