ldap group sync

Megachip 7 years ago updated by glpi 7 years ago 6
Is it possible to automatic create user groups on ldap sync (e.g. first login or resync).

Aren't they already created on LDAP sync?


You can import group from you ldap connection.

On user login, sync, his group is synchronised

Not working here. Only sync existing groups but do not create them. Neither in 0.85 nor in 0.9.

Did i miss some settings?


For help or bug report, please use the forum (http://glpi-project.org/forum).


So, is this behavior a bug or a feature request?

Possible the actual workflow is to manually import all (necessary) groups?

-> so I should put this as a feature request.


It's not possible to automatically create groups.

You can import groups from an ldap directory manually. Once it's done, group membership for users will be computed at each synchronisation process