Mark simply tasks done

nicolas quiniou-briand 9 years ago updated by Tomolimo 8 years ago 8

In 0.90.1, when a task has "To do" status, a empty box represents this status.

I will be nice to change status from "To do" to "Done" with a click on empty box (and vice-versa).


Good idea: especially because as there is a checkbox: one wants to click on it.

Hi Nicolas,

I don't get it, could you be more precise ?

Thank you

I think Nicolas.quiniou-briand wants that tasks that are "to be done" can be marked as "done" simply by clicking on the (empty) checkbox that currently symbolize this is a "to do" task.

This is a UX improvement.

That would be nice to have improvement.


When someone creates a task and marks it as "to do" he automatically becomes the author of this task. If someone else changes the task from "to do" to "done" from this point the other person becomes an author, which is not true. It should be possible that the tasks that someone creates for the other person, the other person could mark "done" without changing the author of task. Ideally if it was a simple checkbox


Currently implementing this suggestion.

See https://github.com/glpi-project/glpi/issues/159


This feature is now part of GLPi 9.1