Better UI : Location improvement or buttons

stephane dombre 8 years ago updated by glpi 3 years ago 3
If you use multiple level of location (ex : First Site > Building A > Level A1 > Room 3), the current drop-down menu is a mess.
Changing location (ex : i just want to see Building B computer) take time and a good eye to catch the right line.
Could it be improved ?
A way would be to add an optional location bar (with multiple lines : line 1 shows lvl 1 as buttons. Select a button and another line appears showing lvl2 location of the selected lvl 1 and so on...).

Since the dropdowns are now (since v0.85 I believe) searchable, If you want to set the location to "Room 3" you can type "Room 3", the dropdown would then filter out locations whose name does not contains "Room 3" while keeping the intermediates/parents of locations whose name contains "Room 3" also keeping the hierarchy.

I find a single input easier to use than a succession of inputs.

Hi Stéphane,

Is this dropdown still unusable with version 9.1 ?