Integrate or maintain room management like the old plugin ROOM did

tontonrico 7 years ago updated by TGr 5 years ago 4
The ROOM plugin permitted to associate equipments to the room and offered the ability to do réservations. It is a bit different as the generic object can do.

Disclaimer: I forked the Room plugin (on GitHub) and is making it up-to-date with new GLPI releases.

You can grab a GLPI v0.84, v0.85 and v0.90 compliant version of the Room plugin on GitHub: https://github.com/C-Duv/glpi-room/releases

Also, why integrate a plugin into the GLPI Core? If the plugin does the job there is no need to make it part of GLPI.

If you think the plugin's features should be integrated into GLPI's core: please explain why it should be, which advantages it would brings, why the plugin-solution is not working (or badly).

Wow ! Thanks to you CDuv.To answer to your question : the only reason to integrate this plugin should be to maintain his availability across GLPI versions.

This plugin is useful for us (certainly for other people too) and currently does job.

I install right now your fork and advise you if I find some problem.

I think a plugin should only be integrated into GLPI core when it brings something that can be used on (almost) every object/asset. Otherwise having it in a separate place helps keeping GLPI core less bloated (and easier to update).

But I understand the hassle of updating each plugins, or the waiting of some plugins to be updated by their maintainers to finally update GLPI core (in fact I use room plugin and choose to update myself it when it stalled at v0.80).

PS: Please use GitHub for the issue you'll find on the room plugin.

It seems the pulgin is not updated anymore.

I was looking if it was possible to add room reservation to GLPI.

The main reason behind it was to let users reserve a room directly from the self-service for meetings. In enterprises, it's sometime hard to find an empty room for a meeting.

If employees could see which rooms are available, it would facilitate the managing of rooms.

Would it be a good idea to use GLPI for that with the self service?

Do you have others suggestions?