A a new state for assets : archived

Walid Nouh 7 years ago updated by CDuv 7 years ago 1

Add the possibility to archive an item.

An archive is a new state, as it is for deleted items.

The simple way is to add a is_archived field, and filter the view in the asset's search engine.

I'm +1 on this one.

I am currently looking for a way to clean the printer cartridges ("cartridgeitem" object) list.

Why? Because I recently changed multiple printers, thus I added lots of cartridges models (for the new printers) and now have models I don't use anymore (printers were handed back).

I would like to only see the "new" cartridges models but I don't wan't to delete "old" cartridges because they carry an history of usage frequency but also Financial and administrative informations.

An "archived" boolean flag would be an answer to this issue.