Accès à l'approbation du ticket depuis le mail de notification

Florian Daviaud 7 years ago updated by CDuv 7 years ago 3


Concernant les notifications, la balise ##ticket.urlapprove## pointe actuellement vers l'onglet Ticket (la page générale du ticket) et non vers l'onglet Traitement du ticket. Cela permettrait pourtant à l'utilisateur d'accéder en un clic à l'approbation ou au refus de la solution depuis le mail de notification.



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I'll provide a translation of initial idea:

Regarding notifications, the ##ticket.urlapprove## placeholder currently links to Ticket tab (main tab for Ticket) instead of Processing ticket tab. Yet it would give the user a one-click access to solution approval or refusal from the notification e-mail.

I'm +1 on this: it is sometimes difficult to obtain feedback from end-users, let's make sure nothing gets in their way.