Comparison of two assets side by side to findout duplicates

btry 7 years ago updated by François Legastelois 5 years ago 4
You may find in your inventory a device with missing data. You scratch your head because you're sure it was properly filled a few days or weeks ago.

After some searching you discover this asset may be a duplicate of an other. Added by someone despite it already exists, or imported twice by an automatic inventory tool.

To ease comparison between two assets, GLPI should display them in a single page, side by side and show differences. Three buttons would help to solve the "conflict" : merge, delete A or delete B.

Such feature would be useful in situation as described (where you already lost time finding out that there are duplicates in you inventory).

A possible workaround is to use text-format (eg. CSV) export.

that would be really useful. Not just for finding duplicates but just for comparison. Possible compare two or more.

GLPI already has a mechanism to control the unicity of objects (menu Configuration > Unicity).

You can add rules to block object creations according to the desired criteria, and you can directly see also in this rule (tab "Duplicates"), objects that are already duplicates.


Since you don't have a unicity rule yet (otherwise you wouldn't have duplicates ^^), to fix them you can use the "uninstall" plugin (https://github.com/pluginsGLPI/uninstall) and its "replace" model.

The correct menu is "Setup > Checks".

Example : Serial unicity on Computers.