Change the size of an image in email

bltsv 4 years ago updated by Noname 4 years ago 2

Is it possible to create a setting to control image sizes?

For now, max image size is 400x300, but it would be great if this size could be customized.

For example, in our organization, all departments except IT do not use the GLPI web interface, and all communication takes place by mail, when someone writes and attaches an image to us, it is so compressed that it is impossible to parse the image, and when we answer the employee and attach the image, the employee can not see the text in the picture.

This is really a problem. There is no explanation for this setting. I found that this can be changed in file (glpi v 9.4.6) /inc/document.class.php on line 1606 and 1607 

$ mwidth = 400;

$ mheight = 300;