Parameter for Ability to Set/Show "Requester", "Watcher" and "Assigned To" Groups in the Simplified Interface

jlilio 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 0

When using Simplified Interface, it is very much needed to be able to set "groups" (not just individual person) as requester, watcher, and if it will work, for tech "assigned to" as well.

You see, if the ticket template is used, it will only allow for the standard interface to be changed, not the simplified interface. In that case, "Setup > Dropdowns > Ticket Category > Visible in the simplified interface" will have NO sense at all. This parameter is used to really simplify the presentation of ticket categories to ordinary users who only need to raise a ticket and not present them with so many categories that are only usable for the service desk personnel.

I have replied in one of the forums posts too. If you will notice there are so many "views" for the ticket shown on screenshot below. Which means, being able to set the groups (I would assume -- based on reasonable logic, requester, watcher and assigned to groups) is also important for many others.

Hoping for devs to have a closer look for implementation. Many thanks in advance.

Image 343