Locations blacklists

Francois Lariviere 3 years ago 0

Would it be possible to implement a locations blacklist in GLPI just like it's already implemented for IP, MAC, Serial Numbers, UUID and Emails ?

This would be really useful for us because when we import users from our Active Directory, some users have a location (roomNumber) that doesn't physically exist and we would like them to either have the location empty, or replaced by a default location.

Also when fusionInventory plugins does it's inventory, some printers, switches, etc reports a default location from their manufacturers and since they are not one of our locations, we don't want them added to glpi.

Would this be better implemented as a blacklist (glpi/front/blacklist.form.php) or as an import rule for users (glpi/front/ruleright.php) ?

The idea is that no matter what, the final result should be that invalid locations (locations that doesn't physically exist) should not end up being added to the locations list.

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Thanks a lot