GLPI + Linkedin

Juan Fernando Villa Hernández 9 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 4

Fill the information on every filed in the profile of the user is very boooored. So will be very cool if glpi have a option for fill this fields with Linkedin information.

Can't see any advantage of implementing a Linkedin integration into GLPI core. It could be done in a Plugin though

Au Contraire Mon Ami, With the integration of the Linkedin we can fill the information by the easy way of the user: Complete Name, Tel, emails, picture, etc.

Some persons maybe have LDAP in fill the information of their users from the AD. But other simple mortals just need something to fill the user... Because it's a large and bored task

Don't get me wrong: if your "identity database" is LinkedIn it sure would be better if you could just type in the LinkedIn username/userid to import it's informations.

But I don't think this situation is common enough to justify a GLPI core integration: it should go into a plugin (IMHO).

you right! a plugin it's nice. I very like to help to someone that do this kind of plugin. I am not a dev coder but I am good suggesting the look and feel.