Kanban Cards, having Checklists

PAULO HENRIQUE 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 3

How best practices with Kanban. When creating a CARD for an activity, it is common to use "checklists" within the Card. Currently it does not allow it, and this can be bad considering the various activities that can be performed from a unic card. Trello and Wekan Exemple.


Image 371

I'm looking into it for the second phase of the Kanban feature, but I cannot say for sure it will be accepted by the core team.


Thx @curtis!
I miss UX improvements by TECLIB and GLPI teams. Your plugin has already helped a lot, and sincerely revived a nearly dead module of the system, it is still not succinct for mature project management. Surely your work was excellent and I look forward to your improvements. Congratulations on the excellent work.