Make possible to assign more than one user to a task

Emmanuel Andry 3 years ago updated by Loiseau2nuit 2 months ago 3


it would be nice to be able to assign more than one user to a task. It's mainly a plannig issue, because we need to add the same task for others users planned at the same time to fill correctly the planning for everyone.


I would like to give my opinion on that, feel free to comment on it.

In my experience, there is no task that can't be split in several other task.

For instance, if Alice, Bob and Chris have to work together on a server migration, they are part of the same job, but have different tasks :

- Alice have to physically setup the machine

- Bob have to migrate the data on it.

- Chris have to do the network configuration

And so on.

So you have your tasks well separated and get the job done.


In our case, we can have 2 people doing the same job (pulling cables, mass deployment of hardware, meeting a customer,etc...). 

Oh God ! Yes please !!!