Automatic profile change (or any other action) by planning

markwakwak 4 years ago 0

Hello, I currently use for my users the notifications system, and it works fine.

Everyone in my organisation has a specific profile to get notifications for any follow-up or task done for a specific ticket.

But when my users are away, for holiday for instance, they always got follow-ups for every ticket, which is annoying.

So I made a specific profile, identical in all ways to their former profile, except that no notifications are sent to them while away, which alleviates the inboxes charge.

It works well, except that it is a manual operation and that if I forget to enable again the notifications, they do not get notified.

Also, if I forget to set the "mailless" profile, the inboxes explode.

So I would like a "holiday planning", to disable temporarily the e-mail notifications for my users while they are away, for a specific period of time.

I could then set the holidays for my team, and forget about it.

What do you think ?