mailcollector error: Invalid header line for Content-Disposition

sterua 3 years ago updated by markwakwak 2 years ago 1

Hello all.
For a few days now, glpi no longer retrieves emails to create new tickets or to add follow-up.
When I connect in admin, and that I go to Configuration / collector then that I have the mail collected, I have a blank page.
When I do the same by enabling debugger mode, I have the following error:
Uncaught Exception Laminas\Mail\Header\Exception\InvalidArgumentException: Invalid header line for Content-Disposition string - incomplete continuation in /var/www/html/glpi/vendor/laminas/laminas-mail/src/Header/ContentDisposition.php at line 84
Has anyone ever had this error? can someone help me to solve it?
I have been in glpi 9.5.0 for several months, never had a problem until now.
Thank you for your feedback wink


Hace you tried updating ? GLPI has 3 more updates since yours regarding the mail collector.