Notification action for emails not accepted by anonymous users

Arthur Schaefer 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 1

When the 'Allow anonymous ticket creation (helpdesk.receiver)' is not active and a new user starts working and sends an email to the GLPI receiver, the system ignores the email but nothing is sent to the sender. So nobody knows the email was sent and ignored, besides the only person who sent it before and didn't receive an answer.

That would be of good use to have a notification action for ignored emails or even a list or something to know the ignored/blacklisted emails.

  • The email comes in
  • GLPI doesn't find a user match for the sender's email address
  • GLPI ignores it
  • GLPI sends the sender an email explaining that the message was ignored
    • OR/AND
  • GLPI stores a list of ignored messages and an admin could manage the destination for each message correctly

This way we could understand well what is happening on the Receiver address and no user is going to wait and get no response.

Arthur Schaefer, MBA

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