"Significant events" for objects (eg. for computer: OS install, hardware upgrade, etc.)

CDuv 9 years ago 0

I'm suggesting the fact that GLPI could keep track of the significant events a Computer/Phone/NetworkEquipment/Printer/Room/etc suffered or gained of. The goal is to offer a clear view of what happened to it.


For a computer:

* Computer was acquired

* OS was installed

* Faulty RAM was replaced

* HDD was "upgraded" for a SSD

* OS was reinstalled

For a Network equipment:

* Switch was acquired

* Faulty fan was replaced

* Firmware was upgraded

I must admit the initial need that made me think about this feature is for computers. Because they are pieces of hardware that "lives" the most and are what users are the more sensible to (it's what they use everyday and it's shape determine their mood/user experience), I need a digest of bad and good things that were done to it, so that I can determine if the whole computer should be replaced or if a OS re-installation could improve the user experience.

Implementation could rely on tickets with a simple "Significant event?" checkbox.

The "x was acquired" event could use financial and administrative informations from the "Management" tab.

Theses events shall be listed on a dedicated "Significant event" tab ordered by date.

I'm not sure the need is strong enough for a core integration so it'll be a plugin.