Distinguish tickets awaiting feedback from users and feedback from providers

CH REDON 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 3

Is there a way to add a new status? if not, it might be interesting to be able to add a different status to distinguish tickets awaiting user feedbacks from users and feebacks from service providers or supports. We could call those 2 status "pending users" and "pending providers".


Are you talking about tickets ?

If so and if you are willing to, you can also use a custom field to add information to the ticket whether it is pending for a user or a provider.

Yes I'm talking about tickets and their status, and for me, we should really be able to distinguish the 2 types of waiting directly at the status level.


For me we don't have to use a custom field, as we have 2 processing status (assigned and planned) we should have 2 pending status to really distinguish a feedback from a user and a feedback from a provider.

Just a example : a user has opened a ticket to tell you that his screen is broken and you have no spare but you are waiting for delivery from a supplier following a purchase : you don't wait for a return from the user but a return from the supplier, and therefore you should be able to distinguish directly this difference directly on the status of the ticket.

Imagine that we automatically close tickets that have been unanswered for 2 weeks. The example ticket will also be closed when it should not be: it is not the user who did not answer but the support who did not make the reminder at the level of the supplier of the screens.