fine grained location

we-sell-bags 2 years ago updated by Curtis Conard 2 years ago 1

Add in extra fields related to location

"location" is hardly an explicitly identifiable term.

The following might be better & more searchable.



Item location

For example

if you have equipment over multiple countries, the current system is not explicit enough, if you have to sort by geographic bounded areas like cities.

then if you have multiple sites in those cities ()factory/shop/warehouse) & staff "homes"

finally you have a physical "location" within the site.

By splitting it out, it makes it far more searchable & reportable.

I'm not sure I follow. You can already search assets and Tickets by Country, Town (city), State, Post/Zip code, street address, etc based on the location assigned to them (They are fields within Locations). Each location can be as general or fine-grained as you need it to be down to specific GPS coordinates. For example you can have a location hierarchy like:
United States > New York > New York City > HQ > Admin Building > Office 100
Or more simply:
HQ > Admin Building > Office 100