Time to respond to the survey

lfardin 3 года назад 0

Letting a user evaluate a ticket anytime can direct to poor data. As time time passes, the clarity of how well or not the ticket was solved is not the same (the user can even forget what was done).

For instance: my computer is working slowly. A technician acts and solve the incident (maybe optimizing, removing unwanted files, etc..). 5 months again, the computer can be slow again, and the user now says: the first ticket was poorly solved, so he can be influenced for a second problem, when trying to aswer the survey.

Taking that in consideration, and since this feature ("Time to respond to the survey") doesn't exist at this moment so any survey will stay open forever (https://github.com/glpi-project/glpi/issues/7028), it would be useful to implement this time limit

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