New rule for transfer between entities and change status, based on example: status and entities,

Michał Panasiewicz hace 3 años 0

Is it possible, for example, to automatically transfer equipment between entities with rules.
If the equipment is added to entity "A" and has the status "for transfer", (and other additional criteria also possible) do a transfer to entity "B" and set the status "after transfer"?
So that, for example: a person who add the equipment and is in a subordinate entity, could transfer it further to another entity, but through an automatic transfer rule, as it does not have the right to transfer it to superior entities.

It's not about the rules that apply to fusioninwentory but for equipment, for example, added manually when in this moment do not have agent and is on stock.

Or for equipment that, for example, has not been updated by FusionInventory for a long time