Fast create a ticket from Windows agent icon in taskbar

Fathi Ben Nasr 1 year ago 0

The idea is that a right click on the glpi agent's icon in the windows taskbar allows to create a ticket rapidly without having to open a mail application and write an email or have to login to the web interface and create a new ticket. User just right clicks on the new glpi 10 windows agent and is able to rapidly fill a simple form, that will create a ticket and attach it to the currently logged in windows user and windows computer. In case of glpi managing several sub entities, a static hidden key assigned by the glpi server to the glpi agent, either stored in the glpi agent or a uuid that identifies the agent could be used to determine in which entity the ticket is created. Maybe the agent needs to be downloaded from the glpi server with a name like agent_8qvdfv8qd462fv67sdg1sdf8g4v6sdgv416dfv5.exe where the last characters 8qvdfv8qd462fv67sdg1sdf8g4v6sdgv416dfv5 when decoded will point to a given server and an api key that will be registered in the agent and used lately to authenticate to the server.