enhancement request - predictable behavior for planning filters

mjourdan 1 year ago 0

User story: making our first steps with the planning, we had all "event types" checked. Thus, we struggled at understanding why the tasks we actually planned were still not shown. To make our tasks appear, we had to untick one of the checkboxes, which is a surprising behavior.

Procedure : Go to Home / Assistance / Planning, and check all boxes in the "events type" panel

Expected results : all events are shown on the calendar.

Actual results : the events we were looking for are hidden, despite their boxes beeing checked.

Suggested enhancement :

- use a single behavior for all items in the event type list (ie, events should be shown when the boxes are checked, and hidden when the boxes are empty)

- remove the "only background events" filter, and replace it with a "background events" filter