Add notifications for historical changes and global view for this

Franco Diaz Hurtado 12 months ago updated 12 months ago 2

First of all...greate job with what you guys are doing. Keep working like that!!!

My suggestion:

Add the habilitie to notify via email about historical changes made in the inventoried actives. For example:

- Know when a memory RAM or drive or any other hardware component or software were removed from an inventoried active.

- Notify about this change

- A global view where we would be able to see these changes without enter to each actives one by one.

Franco precisely is one of the things I think they should incorporate the GLPI, that possibility of see those changes of components hardware. I'm in need of right now.

This plugin might help us a little, just a little, still doesnt have some required fields for better filter rules and lacks about notifications.


I hope GLPI team add this feature some day :)