Ticket: method to switch to the correct entity

abm 6 months ago 0

In Older versions (9.5.7 and olders), the ticket's writer (a technician of the central helpdesk with recursive rights and positioned at the "parent" entity in our case) could select a requester in the appropriate drop-down regardless of the entity membership of the requester (all users of all entities displayed in the drop-down). When the requester had muliple authorizations, it was possible to choose the entity in a second drop-down

In version 10.0.0, in the ticket's form, the ticket's writer has to first select the entity to be able to see the user in the drop-down. It was so appreciate to be able to select a user without first have to know obligatorily the entity membership.

It seems to be a regression or is it a bug ?

Thanks for your help