Add the "Last Boot" column with GLPI Inventory

Damien 6 months ago updated 5 months ago 2

Add the "Last Boot" column which existed with fusioninventory and which disappeared with GLPI Inventory.
I tried to do it myself without success...
This column allowed to see when a computer had last started and allowed to see the computers left on all night (which is forbidden with us).

Hi Damien,

It's done & work with GLPI =< 10.0.4-dev (Nightly) and GLPI-Agent =< 1.4

Last Boot information is added to the computer asset and could be used as search field and listed column.


Many Thanks !!!  

I'm going to wait for the final version of 10.0.4 because in my company they don't really like betas and nightly
thanks again