Avoid readonly fields after ticket closing

Croûton 4 months ago updated 4 months ago 2

Hello team,

When a ticket is closed, we cannot change the location or ITIL category of ticket because that fields become disabled/readonly=true.

Is there a way to avoid that for super admin users ?

I would like reaffect all old tickets which are incorrect or empty.

If it is impossible to changes that behaviour, what database table is concerned in please ? 

Thank you in advance !

Hi Croûton,

I found my way just by not Closing tickets and keep them Resolved. This way I can add data however I please.

Hope it might help !

Hello Mark,

Thanks for answering.

We have about 5000 closed tickets and I would like to rank them without changing their status. 

In case of modification, I will notify each person who opened a ticket, it is not cool... In my view, it is unnecessarily tedious

That solution is not efficient to me. :/