Add templates for the form Ask for validation

ak47d 1 year ago updated by Núria Costa 3 months ago 3

Hello dear friends.
Many thanks to you for the development and improvement of the GLPI.

GLPI provides very convenient templates for solution and comments in tickets.

It is very convenient and simplifies and speeds up the work with tickets.
But it is very inconvenient that the template functions are not provided for sending a validation request.

It would be nice if you could add the ability to use templates for validation requests similar to follow-up or ticket solutions.
It would also be convenient if you could specify a specific approver for each validation request template.
We, as well as all GLPI users, would be very grateful if you could implement this template function in a validation request.

Implementation started for upcoming GLPI 10.1 release:


Hi, do you know when will be available the version 10.1? We are now with the GLPI 10.0.12 and we are very interested in this new feature.