Auto close for ticket where no reponse is received fromt the requester

plcadmin 8 years ago updated by tyrone wyatt 8 years ago 1

A feature that would allow the auto closing of tickets after a preset time when no response is received from the requester would enable the automatic management of tickets waiting for input.

This would be used where a question has been asked by the technician to the requester to complete an action and comment or where input on the current status has been requested. I have situations where a requester will never reply and the tickets have to be manually cleaned up on regular basis.

Companies such as Google Support use this type of feature as a standard part of the ticket handling.

Thia is already a feature. Have a look in Administration > editities > assistance and option auto close solved ticket after x days.

If you get an email reply/follow up before the tickets closed then it will change from solved to processing