Open Type License

Juan Fernando Villa Hernández 8 years ago updated by Walid Nouh 8 years ago 8

Please. Add a option to select the open proper license by the selection:

Software: GPL, APACHE, MIT, Public Domain etc.

Hardware: Open Hardware, Creative Commons etc.


Hi Juan,

Can you test GLPi's master branch ? We've just merged my PR for license management improvements.

Let's discuss your suggestion about licenses types. How would you see that in GLPi's interface ?


Tks Walid. Well...It would even be great to assign licenses to documents attached where I suggest from a private type or artistic license to a creative commons license.

At the moment I can not imagine where in putting in the GUI but the justification is that the resources you have inventoried the GLPI can improve in the areas of Knowledge Management, Innovation, Information Company, R & D and R + D + I for example knowing what information or data may use to generate better documentation, know that hardware, software or documents can be improved, changed, transformed as well know that information is stored can or should be released to the ecosystem/communities of Open Source or Free Software

I hope to be clear in my communication and you can show the impact and significance that could generate this small but great change in GLPI

With my commit, license is an asset like the others. You're able to link it to tickets, documents, contracts, and so on.

For license type, why don't you use the"type" field directly ? What do you put in this field ?

You can do it with software license type.

I've added a suggestion for having a hierarchical view of types : http://glpi.userecho.com/topics/380-software-license-type-as-tree-hierarchy/