Allow change Ticket status and info from Follow up form

Rafael Nascimento Sampaio 7 years ago updated by glpi 7 years ago 4
Allow to change Ticket status from processing to pending when giving a follow up, this would save some clicks.

The actual flow consists in:
  1. Post Follow Up
  2. Go to Ticket Info
  3. Change Ticket Status

The proposed flow would be
  1. Post Follow Up with Updated Status.

Also other possible change would be to allow if the user has permission to assign other user to be responsible for the ticket at the same form, today even they are on the same page using the All button they still on different forms what does give the need to submit several requests when we could bypass some of them by putting this options on the same form.

You can do this with plugin "Talk". Since version 0.90 it has been integrated into GLPI.

Alexseï is right. No need for a plugin, just use GLPi 0.90.