Remote Monitering and Management Integration (Tactical RMM)

Martin Bhuong 6 months ago updated by Guillaume Bougard 2 weeks ago 1

At the moment, GLpi does not have an Official Remote MAnagement an Monitering system integration.

Would it not be cool to have an integration with TacticalRMM which is an Opensource Remote Management and monitoring system.

the Solution has Agents, which when deployed on Machines, are able to query the information of the device, and if computers, have the ability to remote control those Machines.

the integration would feature, Combined agent deployment, and Assets Mapping between the two platforms

TActicalRMM is completley Opensource, and Available on github here: amidaware/tacticalrmm: A remote monitoring & management tool, built with Django, Vue and Go. (github.com)

The developers of TActicalRMM are OPen to a collaboration with Glpi here: Feature request : ticketing integration · Issue #1710 · amidaware/tacticalrmm (github.com)

IF GLPi is open to the same.