Prevent solve of ticket / change / problem when 'to do' tasks are existing

Tomolimo 8 years ago updated by Yustas 3 years ago 9


The idea is to prevent solving of items (Ticket, Change, Problem) when to do tasks are still existing.

Another way to say this is to permit solving of Tickets / Changes / Problems only when existing tasks are 'done' or 'information'.

We may show a message to inform Technicians that Ticket / Change / Problem cannot be solved as some tasks are still in 'to do' status.

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you always have a message if you want to solve a ticket with active task


From which GLPi version?

It seems not implemented in 0.83.

And the idea is not only a message but to prevent solving.

Same issue in 0.90.3


I dont have message when i close a ticket with tash to do

Version 0.91.6

@Nicolas: did you vote for this feature?

Please add for 9.2 the ability to lock the closure/resolution of the ticket, if a ticket is awaiting approval/validation. control of approvals and tasks in tickets at the moment to prohibit close/solve, if the task is not completed, you can only use the plugins Behaviors. And here to forbid to close/resolve the ticket, if the ticket is not authenticated and is not consistent, the system allows. Specialist receives an alert (screenshot), but to close the ticket maybe.

support the idea. Now you have to use an additional behaviors plugin to do this