Add the possibility to have the kanban WIP limit in columns

MDM hace 4 meses actualizado por Curtis Conard hace 4 meses 3

It would be great to have the possibility to configure the WIP (Work in Progress) limit of a column in Kanban view.

What do you mean by the WIP limit?

The Work In Progres Limit (WIP) of kanban method defines the maximun number of tickets/tasks you can be working on at the same time. You can read more information here: https://kissflow.com/project/agile/wip-limits-in-kanban/

This doesn't seem related at all to Kanban, but instead would be a global restriction. The Kanban is just a different way to view tickets/projects/etc. We would have to add global options for restricting the number of project tasks that can be in a specific status at the time and then that would affect the regular form UI, gantt view and the Kanban.