Easy checkout/checkin for loaner asset

keme 8 years ago updated by SIB 4 years ago 5

While you can use the GLPI reservations interface for immediate checkout/checkin of reservable assets, it is a bit cumbersome. I wrote a proposal, publicly available from my google disk (click link), for a simplified check-out/check-in solution. (I found it a bit lengthy to post in full here, and can't see any option to attach a file.)

An implementation of this functionality would simplify handling of loaner assets "over the counter", and also facilitates self service stations for registering loan/return.

good idea to track devices or periphericals. And mark on glpi calendar con proposal check in and checkout. And real check out.

Yes we need this. Currently we use our own access database to handle this. We need intergration with glpi so we can see open tickets for the loaner. Most of our loans are because their computer is with us for hardware repairs.

This would be really useful

This is exactly what we have been looking for. Alternatives like library software just doesn't cut it.

A list with the device loan an available is a good idea and with the Home Working (télé-travail) it's a need

Especially when user spend a time with the company desktop (and don't take a laptop) at home for weeks and do a lot of movement between home and office with this device :(