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Hello good day
Today in GLPI the Consumables are delivered (Dar) to Users and in my case and I believe for others too, use the Consumable Register for Mouse, Keyboards and sources that is considered Consumable.
Well, it would be possible that these Consumables could connect to the computer? Why that! The user is rotating and it does not take one home keyboard, and this keyboard, mouse, etc. belongs to the computer that it was connected.
Or Consumable is not for that purpose?

Thank you and congratulations for the project.
Forgive for this English so bad.

Good Morning,
What I think is ideal is to associate a consumable or input directly to the computer and not to the user. No sense giving it to a reviewer.


Hello good afternoon,

It would be great if you could deliver an Input to a computer, printer and so on.
Example: Input Memory, mice, roofs, power supply, external hd and etc.
The Input by default delivers the items to a user and not to an asset.


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