A new status called Reopened tickets

shyam soundar 8 years ago updated by Nelly Mahu-Lasson 8 years ago 7

It would be nice if we have a new ticket status called reopened for all reopen tickets

when you reopen a ticket the status become New (if no actors assigned) or Assign.

These 2 statuses are used for cyle life of ticket, rights, sending notification...

And in ITIL preconizations you don't have this Reopen status.

Why do you need this status?

Let say, i need a report of all reopened ticket for this month. How can do that? All helpdesk systems has a status called reopened tickets.

Here's a SQL to get this:


FROM glpi_tickets t, glpi_logs l

WHERE t.id = l.items_id and l.itemtype = 'Ticket' and id_search_option = 12 and (old_value >= 6 and new_value < 5) and MONTH(l.date_mod) = 4

The SQL returns tickets that has changed from status 6 (closed) to status <5 (waiting,plan,assign or new) (the 5 value is resolved so i don't consider re-open), in this month (4 = April)

I hope this can help you and this SQL is correctly xD




For me it can't be a status like 'new', 'processing', and so on, as 're-open' is not a status by itself it is an info in the history of the ticket.

So you may search in history of the tickets to find these infos.



Be careful when you request on the glpi_logs because it can be very expansive in big societies and block all GLPI during the request

Right, I think that this table should be better normalized, one table of log per item maybe?

Yes it will be very usefull but it's a big job to do that (but we have it in our roadmap)