Disable new notifications after upgrade

nicolas quiniou-briand 7 years ago updated by tyrone wyatt 7 years ago 4

When new notifications are created on a GLPI version, an upgrade to this version active these notifications.

For example, if you upgrade from 0.84 to 0.90, following notifications will be active after upgrade :

  • New change
  • Update change
  • Resolve change
  • Add task
  • Update task
  • Delete task
  • Close change
  • Delete change
  • New project
  • Update project
  • Delete project
  • Receiver Errors
  • New project task
  • Update project task
  • Delete project task

This is the default behavior of GLPI : new notifications are active. If you don't know, our users may be surprised.

Please disable new notifications after upgrade.

This comportment was ask by users.

explanation done: when a new object appeared in glpi, it is always tested before open to the users. And during test, the administrator always forget to active notification.

But if all of actual users want to change this comportment we can study this for next major version

I am also not fond of (re)enabling stuff when upgrading (I have the same issue with FusionInventory for GLPI and it's import rules).

Maybe the GLPI upgrade wizard could ask the operator whether he wants to:

  • use all the GLPI-default behaviors for notifications (and other customizable stuff)
  • do not change anything: ie. do not enable/disable rules/notifications/behaviors that were disabled/enabled before upgrade

First option would be preferred when testing a new GLPI version (to discover new features/stuff), second one is for when upgrading production.

GLPI don't change disable to enable for existing notifications during migration.

I don't know for FusionInventory


I would prefer a post upgrade message to inform admins of new features. Like a post upgrade cheat sheet. Admins need to be made aware of what new features you may need to customize for your enviroment. Im not talking about a change log.