Tasks by Supplier

tyrone wyatt 8 years ago updated by Walid Nouh 8 years ago 4

We often log tickets and assign them to suppliers.

The supplier will inform me in writing what tasks were done and we transcribe this into our ticket. This means the task author is myself and not the supplier.

If we could have the task by option be expended to groups and suppliers we can clearly see what tasks are done by whom and who's time is used to complete that task.

Thanks for your proposal.

The task assignation to a group is a feature currently being developped.

Yes group tasks is a nice feature, but tasks by supplier is what I am requesting.

Currently a supplier like Dell will come onsite and repair a notebook. The tasks performed by the Dell onsite technician is often recorded by our technicians to document tasks performed along with duration. This is an issue because our technician didn't perform that task or work for that duration. A tasks by supplier option would resolve this issue.


You may use a task category to distinguish between internal or external users/groups.

This is what we are currently doing as we have the same use case. An external company is providing an IT service on a special application. This external company logs task duration with a special task category, this way I can separate external times from internal times.

@Alexandre what do you think about task assignation to a supplier ?