Add many actions in rules ticket

Oyabi hace 8 años actualizado por Tomolimo hace 8 años 1

I use a lot your mail ticket creator and it's a really great tools but I think some actions are missing.
Indeed, I can't create a ticket an assigning some information like a machine id in a mail.

If I create a rule like this :

  • Criterion : descriptions contains --1845
  • Actions : add the PC with id 1845 to this ticket. or something like:
  • Criterion : descriptions contains @@14
  • Actions : set the duartion of the ticket to 14 days.

Do you think it's possible to implement this features ?

Best Regards.

Good idea.

I already made something like this with some special keywords in eMails, then I (via a plugin) do some post-actions on Tickets (like adding watchers: specially useful for followups).