Beta release for minor builds

tyrone wyatt 8 years ago updated by glpi 7 years ago 5

New major builds have multiple release candidates and beta releases in a attempt to minimise bugs before the stable build is released.

Minor builds on the other hand don't have beta releases and often introduce new bugs.

Can you release a beta release of minor builds a few weeks before the stable build is released?

Myself and other non developers in the GLPI community would be happy to setup a staging site to test compatibility and look for new bugs.

I think at blank supplier in ticket 0.90.4 ;)


Hello Tyronne.

Thanks for this suggestion, we plan to more regurlarly releases version.

We think that a monthly release (at max) for minor versions could be a enhancement.

So you'll be able to review a little time before.

We'll certainly start this program for the 9.1.x versions in fall beginning.

But, in fact, most of regressions of the 0.90.4 are due to security fixes that we couldn't disclose before the release.

Hello Alexandre,

Thank you for your reply to my suggestion.

Yes a scheduled release cycle would work well for beta testers.

I look forward to this new release cycle in GLPI 9.1

Hi Tyrone,

A big work is in progress to add unit tests when it's possible in GLPi.

It's quite time consuming, but it's necessary to ensure our software's quality.

About betatest, as Alexandre said, we're more into releasing versions more often, to minimize the number of new features.